Is local slaughter a more human alternative, or does it just give a societal “thumbs up” to slaughtering horses for consumption?

Horse slaughterhouses: Could horse slaughterhouses return to Illinois? – chicagotribune.com.

Note that all the horses studied “…worked one hour per day and spent the other 23 stalled.”  Um, and you wonder why they might have bad habits?  Also note that the worst vices were in dressage mounts.  Hmm.
The Horse | Horse Stereotypies Vary by Discipline, Researchers Say

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Colored Trakehners?? Really?

Interesting and surprising look at the history of spotted, pinto, and colored Trakehners in Europe: link

Nice little video about the usefulness of mounted police units.

Racehorse Research Identifies Speed Gene : Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted).

Blue Hors Matine Euthanized

So sad… such incredible talent, gone.

Blue Hors Matine Euthanized.

Stormy and rainy all the way, so that I can barely see the tops of the Great Smoky Mountains. They are beautiful, of course, but being from Colorado, they are more hill-sized to me. I stop at the NC welcome center so I can pick up every tourist brochure known to man and as I am coming out, it clears long enough for a lovely rainbow to appear. Good juju. We stop in Asheville for a stroll around the historic downtown and it’s just as charming as I’ve read. I am thrilled to be in a place I first read about seven years ago and always wanted to see. It reminds me a kot of Ashland, OR with the town tucked into the mountains, an upscale main-street, and a liberal, college-town vibe. Tonight’s stop in Durham will be the last for our little caravan, as my b/f and my little dog head north for wintery New England.