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Is local slaughter a more human alternative, or does it just give a societal “thumbs up” to slaughtering horses for consumption?

Horse slaughterhouses: Could horse slaughterhouses return to Illinois? – chicagotribune.com.

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Note that all the horses studied “…worked one hour per day and spent the other 23 stalled.”  Um, and you wonder why they might have bad habits?  Also note that the worst vices were in dressage mounts.  Hmm.
The Horse | Horse Stereotypies Vary by Discipline, Researchers Say

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Racehorse Research Identifies Speed Gene : Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted).

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So sad… such incredible talent, gone.

Blue Hors Matine Euthanized.

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Surgery, finally, for my left knee, the one that I originally injured with a spectacular ‘involuntary dismount’ on Mojo 18 months ago.  Since then my knee has gone out three times, each time leaving me on crutches.  So, it’s with utter relief that I am icing the swelling from the surgery on Tuesday, watching endless episodes of Inside Eventing on RFD-TV and finishing up the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Other news:  The 8-hours-in-front-of-a-computer job is over, which means a return to blogging.  And, more importantly, my beloved Tico (Simpatico), the Appaloosa stud that desperately needed an upgrade from his life as a pony horse at the track, is now totally mine and came home last month to my friend’s ranch in the foothills, where he’s living a life of leisure with Mojo in a four-acre pasture.  I haven’t seen Mojo in six weeks and Tico in four, but at least I know they are happy and healthy and in good hands while I recover and move forward.

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Teddy and Karen's victory lap at Pan Am Games

Teddy O’Connor, the little pony that could, was euthanized yesterday. I can’t stop crying. I have no idea why I’m so upset, but here’s what I wrote to the O’Connor Event Team:

Although I’ve never seen Teddy in person, I followed his career as many did, with awe and wonder at the pony who taught us that heart, drive, and determination were more important than size or conventional wisdom. I’m surprised to find myself so upset over his loss, but then, true greatness affects everyone, because true greatness changes the way we think. Teddy and Karen gave all of us a story to take with us every day, that with courage and belief you can do anything you set your mind to do.

My prayers and thoughts are with you all,


Sacramento, CA

You can send your thoughts and sympathies to teddy@oconnoreventteam.com

A photo memorial is up on flickr: In Memory of Theodore O’Connor 1995-2008

UPDATE:  A lovely post about Teddy is over at the great horse blog, regardinghorses.com

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This has been a difficult time for me.  Although my laptop has finally been returned, the last few days I’ve not been in the right frame of mind to blog.  I blew my knee out again, after three lovely rides on Mojo, and the reoccurrence has some serious repercussions.  For one thing, I will most likely be looking at July – at the earliest – before I can ride again.  After a lot of honest introspection, I have decided to move Mojo to a friend’s barn where he will be ridden regularly while I deal with my knee.  I don’t want Mojo to have another 10 weeks off – he’s had enough time off in his life and his work ethic, as small as it is, needs to be encouraged, not extinguished by remaining a pasture puff.

My friend’s barn is an hour away.  I will probably only see Mojo a few times a month.  I am really sad, as he is my One True Thing – the light of my life that I can turn to when all else is difficult and trying.  However, my responsibility is to his well-being, so I have to do what is best for him.

I’ll be moving him on Saturday.   

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