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Interesting and surprising look at the history of spotted, pinto, and colored Trakehners in Europe: link

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couldn’t resist…

…the snow feature for the holidays.  It’s my random state of mind.

So, with the boys gone and the reality of the move set in, I’ve been packing and sorting and listing and fixing and scurrying and wringing my hands.  I couldn’t sleep last night, which isn’t like me.  I’ve found my atlas, and mapped out distances between stops, and just mulled over what it means to move from one coast to another.  The beauty of it is, it isn’t snowing here, and won’t be snowing there.  Just on the blog.


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I really apologize for the lack of posts and sunday blog round-up.  I will do a two-week jumbo round-up this weekend, since I should FINALLY get my laptop back.  I hope everyone had a great Easter!

UPDATE:  Still no laptop.  Sad blogger.  Many posts in mind; none on site.  Work too busy to blog.  Must maintain patience and zen frame of mind….

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Does anyone have recommendations for barefoot trimmers, boarding, and trainers in the Ft. Collins, CO area?  A friend and her horse will be moving there this summer.

I do realize, between my fiction and artist requests, I’m being a little needy over here on ye olde EqPal.  I promise to make it up to you all just as soon as the Lovely Boyfriend returns my laptop.  Until then, posts will be short and sweet.  Or maybe just short.

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Why does it have to be windy every *&#! weekend here? I don’t mean breezy, I mean cross-gusts of up to 35mph. I realize that “It’s too windy to ride” can be a rather time-worn excuse, but does anyone really want to take their horse out in a steady 25mph wind?

This has been a long week and I haven’t had any Mojo time as I’ve tried to adjust to my wildly fluctuating schedule with a new job, so I was really looking forward to spending my one day off communing with the Big Red Caboose. I know we haven’t had snow and I really shouldn’t complain but I am sick to death of the unending wind. Grr.

I am working on the blog round up, so it should be up in an hour or so….

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